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May Special! Free eyebrow wax w/ color service

Completed: FYI the May special advertisement for the free eyebrow wax w/ color service was completed 4/25/14 and the website was updated that same day. See attachment for the branded image with the promotional offer on it.I lit up our social media platform today with this promotion (facebook, twitter, google+, etc.).

A scheduled Facebook offer post is going out at 9am on May 1st to kick off the deal on Facebook.***We need to start measuring the success of social media marketing and this promotion!I'd like to measure how well social media is working for our advertising...

We should create a mindbody entry for this particular promotion and then track how users found out about it. When Heather or whoever is at the front desk rings someone out that did this offer, please have them ask "How did you find out about this offer?" If they respond "online," have them ask "on which particular social media site, or our website?"

I need to know where they are seeing these ads so I can continue to enhance certain areas and get more followers, likes, shares, link clicks, web traffic, etc.